4 Car Service Tips to Keep it Functioning Long

When just acquired from a dealership, any new vehicle normally runs quite smoothly, the engine offering everything it has all through the RPM range. Shocks are absorbed well by the coils and struts wrapped into the suspension mechanism, with fuel consumption sticking to data found on the brochure. That said as years progress, vehicles have a tendency of growing old just as humans do. Their components begin to wear out and perform with decreased efficiency. There are 4 key aspects of Kia car service which can keep a vehicle functioning for the longest time possible without complications.

kia car service


1.      Filters

A new Kia requires fuel to operate, as well as proper aeration and provision of minimum friction which allows for the inner dynamic functionality of the engine. This is why replacing filters and fluids and adhering to maintenance intervals are a vital step in ensuring the extended lifetime of any car. Usually, motor oil is the only fluid which needs to be changed regularly.

Replacing motor oil also implies you will require replacing the oil filter. In addition, avoid trying to save several dollars by acquiring a low-grade and cheaper product. You will end up saving in greater ways in the long run if using a performance oil filter. Take note that your vehicle also possesses a fuel filter, particle filter and an air filter. Remember replacing these as well, as per the service interval quoted in the service manual of your car.

2.      Brakes

A new Kia Cerato is for instance operating smoothly and at full capacity owing to its new oil and filters. It is commendable also ascertaining that you are capable of attaining a full stop with equal efficiency as when accelerating. Again, it helps a lot checking the car’s service manual for the indicated maintenance period in relation to the vehicle’s braking system. If unavailable, ensure checking the wear level of its brake pads then replace them once they get thin. As well, it is commendable highly having your brake-rotors replaced at a reliable Kia car service after travelling several tens of thousands of miles.

3.      Timing belt

A timing belt which ruptures as the engine of a Kia vehicle runs at high RPM’s can be a mechanical nightmare. If this happens, things are left to chance with the possibility of exhaust valves getting damaged, pistons cracking and the engine of your car requiring undergoing a costly maintenance process. A Kia Cerato Brisbane has that features a chain drive is however safe from such effects. Since there are various cars that utilize a timing belt still, it is highly commendable replacing the old belt with new timing belt kit regularly.

4.      Tires

The enhanced braking system of a car becomes of no use unless the car bears a strong grip on the ground. Since the tires are the only aspects capable of providing this kind of grip, it is important ascertaining to keep watch of their level of wear. Make use of a cheap tread-depth gauge for measuring how much tread the tires have left. Chances of experiencing aquaplaning and tire failure increase with low treads.

Lastly, a dependable Kia car service takes into account inflating the tires of your car as per the appropriate pressure indicated by their manufacturer. It ensures these wares employ the entire treat surface effectively along with improving their mileage and grip.

Post Author: Alice B. Saunders

Alice B. Saunders