6 Essential Features to Look for When Purchasing Ute Canopies

Are you looking for ute canopies in Australia to install on your 4×4 vehicle? Well, good for you! Not only does it improve the looks of your unit, but also adds a secure space where you can load your items. However, you should keep in mind that not all of these canopies are created equal. Now, to ensure that you are getting quality merchandise that offers great value, here are essential features to look for:

Swinging or Lift-Up Door

One of the greatest features that a ute canopy should have is a swinging door. This will make it easier for you to load and unload your items when you travel. Aside from this, you may also consider choosing one with a lift-up door, as this can provide extra protection from the heat of the sun or rain. Just make sure the design is right for your unit.

Elevated Headroom

When checking out ute canopies, try to determine if they offer a few inches of extra headroom over the cab. This additional space is a valuable asset, especially when you do a lot of movements on the truck bed—changing clothes, moving things, etc. It is even more useful if you are planning to install an elevated platform for sleeping inside the cab.

Carpeted Headliner

A carpeted headliner is an important feature in a canopy for several reasons. For one, it absorbs the moisture that would build up inside the cab during colder nights. Also, it will be easier for you to fasten little, but essential, things, such as clips and lights. Using a Velcro tape, you can stick items on it fast with little effort.

Side Windows

For ute canopies Australia has to be highly functional, they should have side windows. In essence, these windows will make it more convenient to access pieces of gear and equipment that you have placed inside the cab. Also, they can serve as a point for ventilation when it gets hot. More information at PJ's 4x4.

Rack or Cargo Bar

If you usually carry more loads when travelling, then you should choose a canopy with a pre-installed rack or cargo bars. To a certain degree, these extra components will increase your ute’s capability to hold large sizes of luggage. Thus, you will not have to worry about leaving some necessary items behind, as you can pack and carry all of them every time you embark on an adventure.

Light Weight

While this feature is often taken for granted, it is actually very important. Basically, installing a heavy canopy on your ute will cause you to spend more on petrol, as it adds to the unit’s total weight. On the other hand, a light-weight canopy will not require the engine to work hard when carrying it around. Moreover, it offers a lower centre of gravity, which makes it a safer option.

So, there you have it! By looking into the features listed above, rest assured that you are getting a canopy that you will not regret buying down the road. Now, to find ute canopies Australia can offer, you can visit www.pjs4x4.com.au.

Post Author: Alice B. Saunders

Alice B. Saunders