Choosing the right kinds of toys for your sensitive baby

Finding the right toys for a child is not as easy as it may seem. Aside from making sure that these don’t have toxic components and the parts don’t come off easily, you will also need to ensure that your baby will enjoy playing with them.

Now, it is even more challenging when you have a child that is sensitive to a lot of materials. This is where organic and hypoallergenic toys come in, such as the products you can find here: come in.

Some people believe that buying toys for kids is easy. How difficult can it be to find a toy that a toddler or an infant can enjoy, right? While a lot of kids will surely enjoy whatever toy you hand them, kids with allergies and certain sensitivities to specific materials are a different story.

Some kids may have an adverse reaction to the toys’ materials. They can break out in a rash or worse, have difficulty breathing because of certain components that are contained in these toys. To ensure that a child that is sensitive and prone to allergic reactions don’t experience such problems, you need to get them toys that are safe for them to use.

To do this, here are some tips you can follow:

  • Read the labels – Make sure to read the labels that come with these toys. Google the components written on the labels. Are they safe for your kid? Try to look for toys that are organic, hypoallergenic, and are made using materials that are considered safe for your child. An example of this is the selection of soft organic toys that are made by Maud n Lil. Check out this selection of organic and hypoallergenic toys at Rainbow Fun.
  • Pick toys that are not heavy – Toys that are too heavy for your little one may become a health hazard if they end up under it for one reason or another. Soft and pliable toys are ideal for babies and kids who can’t carry heavier items yet. Smaller toys that are big enough to not be put in a baby’s mouth is also a great idea since these are not heavy or too big but are not too small either to become a choking hazard.
  • Find a brand that is trustworthy – Another thing you can do to ensure that all the toys are safe for them is to trust in one or two brands that have proven themselves. If you buy one toy from one brand and your child does not have an adverse reaction to it, then it is safe to say that they will be safe with the rest of the products from the same brand. Provided, that is, that these toys are made from the same materials and carry the same kind of guarantee as to the previous one you got from the same brand.

These tips can help you find the right kinds of toys for your sensitive little one. There are a lot of brands that can guarantee safety for your child and won’t bring about allergic reactions. One such brand is Maud n Lil which manufactures toys, baby blankets, and other baby products that are made using organic cotton and natural cellulose filling fibre.

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